Where next?

Wow!! What a busy few weeks its been since the last blog!! Namely organising and hosting Channel M for a day to film ‘A day in the life of a cage fighter!!’ All good fun!! They started at home to film Matt training Rocky styley and then filmed me cooking tea, serving Matt his meal (Yeah right!!) and us chatting on the sofa with our baby Brandy our gorgeous staffy, all very homely!! They then followed us up to the Colosseum to film Matt train and spar, with a couple of interviews from Matt along the way and poor Danny Rushton who I put on the spot! Overall it was a great success and they have now extended the story in to two pieces. The first takes a look at Matt preparing for his Russian fight and the second will involve an interview with Matt post Russia. All in all, it will give Matt some much needed exposure as a professional fighter. Furthermore, the Manchester Evening News and Stockport Express have as done an interview with Matt and should be out soon.

However, I’m not just here to up date you on whats going on in Matt’s fight career, I would argue I’m one of the least qualified to give that information. Lets be honest, thats what Matt’s coaches and management team are for. I only mention the recent media coverage because that has been my doing!! So, the next logical step in my blog is to continue to follow Matt’s career where I left off, when we joined the Colosseum about 8 years ago.

The Coliseum! What can i say? Well it’s the gym that turn things round for us, Matt for the better, me for the worst! When we first joined it was like nowhere I’d ever trained before, it was a proper fighters gym. There were a few lads who had competed in the world of MMA, whether amateurly, semi-pro or professionally.  They were doing it for real, no pretending. It was just what Matt was looking for, a gym where people worked hard and played hard and would give him the opportunity to compete, hence the willingness to travel 80 minute round trip twice a week. Matt and I did a few grappling competitions, Matt always doing fairly well. Me always loosing!! But hey, if I couldn’t hit my opponent I wasn’t really interested!!

At the age of 21 years, Matt made the decision to step it up and fight for real. What did I think? It’s so long ago I cannot honestly remember, but what I do know is that nothing that I said or anyone else for that matter could have changed his mind. His first fight was all they way down in Cornwall in the first Extreme Fighting Championship against Tim Ryder. It was like nothing Matt and I had ever experienced before, the travelling, the weigh ins, the medicals, the anticipation. I loved it, and it’s still my favourite part of Matt fighting to date, although now I don’t get to see much of it now hes on the international stage. However, on the day of the fight, Matt received a big blow. His old coach and friend who was due to corner Matt had phoned/txt to say he wasn’t coming.  Matt, although wasn’t surprised, was absolutely gutted, a wound I think has never fully healed to this day. Stepping into the cage/ring is an emotional and stressful time, the support of those around is imperative. However, this wasn’t to be the undoing of Matt. Team Colosseum had his back!!! A few of the Colosseum team were down, not only for Matt, but his team mates Steven ‘Widge’ Milward and Paul Ramsdale who were also fighting on the show.

I can’t honestly decide who was more nervous, Matt or I that night!! I can feel the butterflies as I write this re-emerging!! Thankfully, as it was Matt’s first pro fight he was on the under card and first up. I still remember him walking to the ring, getting heckled by the crowd for wearing his fiery punishment beany, and stepping into the ring, his head nearly touching the ceiling!!! It was surreal. In fact, I don’t think I was able to process what happened in the ring because I certainly can’t give you a play by play!! All I do know is that Matt won, 2mins 39secs of round 1 by a rear naked choke. It was over. All that training, the build up, stress, the anticipation, all for a few minutes work!!! But I didn’t care, I was just glad it was over!! And lets just say, those who heckled Matt going into the ring, certainly showed some respect as he walked back out!!!!

What a great start to the night for team Colosseum!! And it just got better and better!!! Widge was third up, and demolished his opponent, Derek Morris, in 1min 36secs by arm bar!!! Ramdale’s fight took a little longer against Paul Jenkins, but Team Colosseum secured a hat trick when Ramsdale took a heel hook at 1min 13 secs of round 2. It was awesome!!! We celebrated that night I can tell you!!

Matt didn’t compete until about 6 months later in the San Gokui MMA invitational Championships. I also decided to have a little dabble at this stage along with a few other people from the Colosseum including Widge and Ryan Houghton.  Again, it was a great day out, competing, networking. We were really a good team. Matt won his group by decision, I lost (surprise, surprise!!) and widge and Ryan also went on to win!!! Heres a picture of the good old days before Matt hit the rocky road that is his MMA fight career!! I can feel the nostalgia building up!!

Coliseum crew


4 Responses to “Where next?”

  1. good read that jen, bloody hell that was some years ago.

  2. Excellent read!

  3. lol @ Blackledge!!!

    That shaven headed guy, second left…. he is a fucking stud!

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