About me

Hi, I’m Jennie Thorpe and as you can guess from the blog title, I’m married to Matt 12Gauge Thorpe. However, theres a lot more to me than just being Matt’s wife so thought I’d quickly talk about myself.

I think the most important thing in my life at the moment is my job! Sad I know, but it does consume the greatest portion on my time. I qualified as a children’s nurse November 2003 after earning my diploma in professional nursing studies. My first job, was as a children’s nurse at the local hospital trust where I worked full time and consolidated my training. After a year I knew I needed further qualifications if I was going to progress up the ladder so under took my nursing degree whilst still working full time. No doubt about it, it was tough!! But without that degree I would not have heard about my current job, or possess the qualifications I truly needed.

February 2008, I made a move to a innovative new unit which is lead by advanced nurse practitioners where I took a huge promotion and the chance to complete my masters. So now, I work 22.5hrs a week on the unit as a advanced nurse practitioner in training, i’m 12 months through my masters and averaging a distinction, and am a qualified non-medical prescriber!! Not bad for 5 years as a qualified nurse. So another 12 months and hopefully I will pass my masters which gives me my final promotion for a few years.

What next?? Babies!! We getting well over due starting our own family now so thats the top priority for 2010!


One Response to “About me”

  1. Yay! I would love you to be a pregnant bridesmaid!

    Really good blog sis.

    H xxx

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